Israel Hayter
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    Israel was born October 2, 1754 in Washington County, Virginia. I do know he fought in the Revolutionary War and particularly at The Battle of King's Mountain. The following is an excerpt from "Bicentennial Feature Recollections of a Revolutionary Soldier"....

"hear we ware to leave our wounded, but a young man by the name of Iseral Highter being Shot threw the thy desired to be takinalong the mountain until Sutch Gap as he could cross and I with two others was appointed to this duty, all of which I promtley performed and the battle of Kings mountain being on the Sixth day of October 1780."

    There is a monument at the King's Mountain Battleground Park with a plaque that lists Israel as one of the wounded.

    Israel died February 11, 1829. He is buried in the Litton Cemetery at Hayters Gap, Washington County, Virginia.

    1)Margaret Hayter (c 1772-????): married Robert Allison, Jr. in Washington County, Virginia on June 17, 1794.

    2)Abraham M. Hayter (c 1762 Maryland-1829 Campbell County, Tennessee): married 1st, Jane Hutton (sister to Edward Hutton below). 2nd, Sarah Fulkerson.

    3)Nancy Ann Hayter (c 1756 - 1838): married John Jamison. Child, Martha Jamison.

    4)Francis Hayter (c 1770 Maryland - 1811): married Edward Hutton (brother to Jane Hutton above) September 8, 1791 in Washington County, Virginia. Children: Susannah Hutton married William Bishop (migrated to Boone County, Indiana). John Hutton married Catherine Phillips (migrated to Missouri). Mary "Polly" Hutton married Samuel R. Buchanan. Jane Hutton married A. Hubble. Abraham Hutton married Nancy Hubble. Edward Hutton married Nancy Smith.

    5)William Hayter (C 1756 - August 15, 1797): Married Margaret Buchanan (c 1760-????). Children: William Hayter (c 1780-????), Abraham Hayter (c 1783-????), Elizabeth Hayter (c 1783-????), Thomas Hayter (1785-????), Israel Thomas Hayter (1793-1873 Missouri)

    6)Esau Hayter (1765 Maryland- 1826 Virginia): married Elizabeth Allison.

    7)Susannah Hayter (1766 Maryland- 1835 Virginia): married William Allison in Washington County, Virginia on June 17, 1794.

    1)Abraham Hayter

    2)Susanna Hayter

    3)William Hayter

    4)Agnus Hayter

    5)Ann Hayter

    6)Sarah Hayter

    7)James Crawford Hayter (June 20, 1787 - December 20, 1859): married (January 11, 1811) Tabitha Fullen.


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