Thomas Brooks

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    Thomas was born 1760 in Nottoway Bridge, Brunswick County, Virginia.

He came from the middle southern part of Virgina. I haven't located Nottoway Bridge, but there is a town called Littleton on the Nottoway River. Littleton was the givin name of one of Thomas' brothers. Hmm.....?

Thomas was an early pioneer, indian fighter and backwoodsman. He arrived in Hawkins County Tennessee in the 1770s. Thomas was a private in the Virginia Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and received a pension for his service. He bought and sold (1), (2) several plots of land in the area and participated in contractural agreements. He also obtained at least two North Carolina (later to be Tennessee) land grants (1), (2) on Clouds Creek in Hawkins County. He died 1765. Thomas and Catherine are believed to be buried in unmarked graves or graves marked only with field stones in the William Brooks Cemetery located on Frost Road on the old William D. Brooks homeplace near Clouds Creek Road, Hawkins Co., TN.


    1)? Brooks: Born 1745 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Married Samuel Wilson, Sr. in 1762. She and her husband came to Hickory Cove in the 1770s from Virginia and settled on land near her brother's (Castleton) farm in the 1770's. I know nothing of their children.

    2)Leah Brooks: Born February 28, 1747 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Married Robert P. Kyle (???? - 1820) on 1774 in Brunswick County, Virginia. She and her husband came to Hickory Cove. About 1784, they moved to Walnut Hill near the mouth of Clouds Creek. During the Revolutionary War Robert, commanded a company of Rangers at two forts; one was located in Hickory Cove and the other at the mouth of Big Creek in Hawkins County. Leah died February 28, 1832 at her home on Walnut Hill, Hawkins County, Tennessee and they both are buried in the Kyle Family Cemetery atop Walnut Hill. I have no information on children.

    3)Castleton Brooks: Born 1749 in Brunswick County., Virginia, d. May 1777 in Hickory Cove, Washington Co., VA (later Hawkins Co., TN). Married Elizabeth Kincannon about 1775. Castleton is an immense figure in the early history of Hawkins County. He began his "westering" as a Long Hunter. He was known as Cash Brooks and there is an account of one of his hunts into southern Kentucky and middle Tennessee in 1769 in Ramsey's "Annals of Tennessee" that will excite the adventuring spirit in any man. On another hunt in 1774, Castleton discovered the Hickory Cove northeast of present day Rogersville and liked it so well that he claimed 500 acres, cleared some land, built a cabin, and raised a crop of corn, evidently to establish "corn rights". Evidently Castleton acted as the pathfinder for the others because many of his brothers and sisters followed him to Hickory Cove in the mid 1770's. In March 1775, Castleton and brother, Littleton, witnessed separate copies of the famous Path Deed in the Henderson Agreement (also known as the Transylvania Purchase) with the Cherokee Nation at Sycamore Shoals (now Elizabethton) which opened up land to the mouth of Clouds Creek. Castleton was appointed a Constable by the Washington County Court in April 1777 during the Indian Wars. In late May of that year while out deer hunting, he was shot by one of Dragging Canoe's men111 and mortally wounded. Castleton is buried in the Klepper-Brice Cemetery in Hickory Cove in an unmarked grave, probably located on land he once owned.

    4)George Brooks: Born 1752. He was married but I do not know her name. Summers "Annals of Southwest Virginia" mentions a George Brooks escaped from Indians and fled to one of the Carter's Valley forts, bearing intelligence, during the attacks on the overmountain settlers by Dragging Canoe, Old Abram, and The Raven in 1776 which is believed to be this George. There is a George Brooks listed on the muster roll at the Battle of Kings Mountain who may be this George Brooks because his brother Littleton, also listed on the King's Mountain roll, was almost certainly there although, curiously, Littleton does not mention it in his sketchy pension application. George received a North Carolina land grant of 200 acres on the North side of the Holston River March 6, 1788.

    5)John Brooks, b. 1755. d. 1820. Nothing else is known for sure about this John.

    6)Littleton Brooks: Born 1758 at Nottoway Bridge, Brunswick County, Virginia. Married Elizabeth Wallen (1769 - ????) about 1790. Littleton lived on the Clinch River in what is now Hancock County, Tennessee. As with his other brothers, Littleton was also a well known Indian fighter and but served during the Revolutionary War in various militia companies. He was on expeditions against the Cherokee and Chickamauga Indians at their towns along the Tennessee River, served at various forts, fought at Kings Mountain, fought in the aftermath of the Battle of Island Flats (Kingsport) and served one winter in Captain Robert P. Kyle's Ranger Company. On February 20, 1833 at age 76 Littleton received a $80.00 pension allowance for his services. He died August 19, 1840 in Hawkins County (now Hancock County) His place of burial is not known.

    7)Anthony Brooks, b. 1761.

    1)William Deadrick Brooks: Born October 25, 1784 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Married Susannah Price, daughter of Henry Price, Sr and Catherine Wax. William died May 25, 1854 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Children: Margaret "Peggy" Brooks (1819 - 1888), George Washington Brooks (1820 - 1895), James Etter Brooks (1821 - 1901), William Dixon Brooks (1823 - 1844), Cellina Brooks (1824 - 1861 in Washington, Arkansas), Mary Ann Brooks (1826 - 1910) (Note: Mary married George Elijah Webb, brother of Mary Polly Webb), Susannah Brooks (1827 - 1859), LaFayette Brooks (1829 - 1899), Thomas Brooks (1832-1910 Arkansas), John Brooks (1834- 1889), Rachel Brooks (1835-about 1880), James Albert Brooks (1836-1866), Sarah Leah Brooks (1839-1870), Nancy Brooks (1840-1893)

    2)John Brooks

    3)James Brooks: Born about 1795.

    4)Henry Brooks: Born about 1800. Married Catherine Elkins on January 13, 1830 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

    5)Anthony Brooks: Born June 4, 1801 Clouds Creek, Hawkins County, Tennessee. Married 1822 in Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee to Hannah "Hanner" Price (August 8, 1799 somewhere in Virginia - June 14, 1876 at Clouds Creek, Hawkins County, Tennessee). Hannah was another daughter of Henry Price, Sr and Catherine Wax. Anthony and Hannah are buried in the Brooks-Harrell Cemetery on Clouds Creek, Hawkins County, Tennessee. Both have old gravestones which were evidently installed long after they died because the field stones, originally marking their graves, are still visible. Children: Stokley Deadrick Brooks (1825 - 1894) Stokley served during the Civil War H Company, 8th Tennessee Infantry Volunteers and later was a State Legislator, John Brooks (1823 - ????), Catharine Brooks (1832 - 1904) and Alice Brooks (1830 - 1910).

    6)Patsy Brooks: Born between 1800-1810. Married John Rush February 18, 1831 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

    7)Wilson Brooks, b. between 1800-1810. Married Parilee Reese August 19, 1841 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. This document was a promissory note written and signed by Wilson to his brother John in 1844. After that, Wilson and Parilee disappear from the records; they either died or moved out of the county.

    8)Andrew Jackson Brooks: Born about 1815 and died after 1840.


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